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Consulting for Business Development

We employ the most highly experienced professional consultants that specialize in serving the owners of small to mid-size businesses in the United States. The experience of our staff is unequalled in business development services.  Our mission is as clear as it is simple:  we deliver the wants and needs of our clients based on professionally set expectations.  And, it all begins with a business analysis.

Our senior business analysts and consultants will provide your company with a roadmap to greater profitability, while helping you achieve the success that you deserve. International Development Services is only for those business owners whose goal is to achieve excellence in managing their business.

Similar to a top trainer for a professional athlete, International Development Services’ senior business analysts and consultants will push you to become the best that you can be. We refuse to accept anything less than excellence for you and your business.  Before we will commit to you, you have to be committed to your own success.

By working with you, hand-in-hand, we will show you how to build a better business and guide you to the path of greater profitability and success.  Our small business development team will become part of your own team. We work with you, on site at your business, to make the necessary changes that you need to join the ranks of the best-managed and most profitable companies in business today.

International Development Services offers a combination of expertise and unsurpassed technology resources. We have made investments in both technology and business information resources to provide you with the best business strategy consulting available today for entrepreneurs. Our cutting edge business services help ensure our commitment to excellence and can give you the confidence that we will provide to you the best business consulting services currently available to entrepreneurs.

The business analysis is performed by an expert analyst who works in conjunction with a senior executive in our home office. Collectively, this team of professionals has performed hundreds of onsite company analyses in the past. Our policy requires that we begin the process by performing a business analysis prior to engaging clients in consulting projects.  Ethical business analysts are trained to discover problems, determine how to solve them, and to prioritize those that can furnish a business owner with the most significant return on investment.

Many business owners engage our business analytical services as a checkup for the same reason that a person visits a doctor for a physical. During your business exam, we evaluate all the components of your organization, including cash flow management, cost controls, small business marketing, and tax planning.  Our tax review will address

whether any professional tax planning services have been employed by you in the past and whether you have prepared for the future an exit strategy for the ultimate succession or sale of your business.

No company has a more experienced group of professionals than International Development Services in providing quality analytical, consulting and strategic tax planning services to the owners of small and medium-size businesses. Our professional staff includes small business marketing consultants, experts in construction management consulting and construction business development, and licensed professionals to provide strategic tax planning and Business Valuations Services. There is no staff of analysts, anywhere in America, who have more experience over the course of a year than the International Development Services senior business analysts and small business consultants. We are simply the best at what we do.

The fees for our business analysis are structured to bring you the maximum benefit and they are surprisingly inexpensive for the initial review. At the conclusion of the analysis, a business analyst meets with you to present his comprehensive findings and recommendations. You will then decide whether to go forward with a consulting project to improve the business and achieve your goals. For further information, or to schedule a complimentary appointment with one of our representatives to discuss the benefits of an International Development Services business analysis, call 866-912-0132.