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Consulting Services

International Development Services was formed by experienced business professionals whose experience includes providing analytical and management consulting services to thousands of clients.  These highly skilled entrepreneurs have been pioneers in helping to create some of the fastest growing consulting and tax planning businesses operating in the United States.  Building upon their past successes, they came together to form International Development Services. Simply, their goal was to establish, for the owners of small and mid-size businesses, the premier consulting company, which, intuitively, knows the heart and soul of entrepreneurs.  In forming International Development Services, this group of business experts has dedicated themselves and IDS to deliver analytical and consulting services at a standard of quality, yet to be seen in the mid-size business marketplace.

International Development Services has the most experienced staff in delivering quality business analytical, business consulting and strategic tax planning services to the entrepreneurial market.  Additionally, every year, our analysts provide services to 75 or more businesses to provide each client the critical knowledge needed to thrive in today’s competitive environment.  The experience of our senior business analysts is second to none. There is no other group of business analysts anywhere in the United States who have more knowledge about the needs of small business owners than our senior business analysts.

This also is true for the business consultants and tax experts who implement the recommendations made by our senior business analysts.

We are at the very summit of consulting for small business in the quality of the professional services that we provide to the owners of small and medium-size businesses.  Our business services include the following:

Business Analysis And Management Consulting Services:  Our senior business analysts examine the business operations to identify deficiencies, recommend improvements, while offering an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the business.  The Consulting Services team installs the methods, systems, controls and productivity-based incentives to remedy identified deficiencies.

Strategic Tax Planning:  International Development Services has a tax planning group which provides strategic tax planning for both the business and its owners.  Our tax professionals prepare a detailed plan of the tax savings that could be achieved by following the recommendations outlined in the report.  During the course of the business analysis, the tax team will prepare a ‘Tax Illustration’ using our proprietary methods to show the business owner the maximum tax savings possible.  Each report focuses on what tax savings could be achieved under current law without engaging in risky strategies and addresses the circumstances that are unique to the business and the business owner.

Business Valuation Services:  International Development Services also provides Business Valuation Services to entrepreneurs.  We offer both accounting and compliance services as well as NACVA and ASA certified personnel who will prepare both a Business Valuation and Business Value Mapping.  The latter of which, is a proprietary methodology to demonstrate how the value of the business will grow, if recommended changes in the business are made, today, and continue to be utilized, tomorrow.

Exit Strategy Planning:  International Development Services are experts in developing an Exit Strategy for our clients.  The Exit Strategy combines a comprehensive approach to wealth management, complemented by a large arsenal of independent, non-proprietary product solutions that are tailor-made to the investment goals of each client.  These take into account the unique retirement objectives, succession planning circumstances, wealth objectives, and goals for the estate.

Implementation Services:  International Development Services is fully capable of facilitating all the legal and non-legal elements of implementing the tax-related strategies.  Whether the owner elects to avail himself of the other professional services that we offer our clients, through the use of our own legal team, or through experts brought in from the outside to meet the needs of our clients.