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Automotive: How We Can Help You

If you are the owner of an auto collision or mechanical shop, you need to employ the most up-to-date modern business methods, systems, and controls to ensure that your business will thrive long into the future.  International Development Services can help you fix any problems that you have and meet any challenges that you face.

We accomplish this by looking at the building blocks required for a successful collision and mechanical shop:  cost controls/cash management, advertising, internal communication and organization, and the standards for performance within a company as well as the existence of employee incentives.

International Development Services will help you control your operating expenses by reducing costs, so that you can increase your profits.  We have a proven track record that you can count on. International Development Services installs the methods, systems, and controls to assure profitability for your business. International Development Services will help you by implementing the following tools:

Cash Management

  • Cash flow forecasting;
  • Cash flow management;
  • Managing receivables and extending payables to fit within your cash constraints;
  • Using our software programs to predict your cash flow 12 weeks out.


  • We can review the effectiveness of your advertising and establish metrics; such as
  • Do you measure your return on your advertising costs?
  • How do you select and prioritize your advertising media?

Cost Control

  • How do you include your overhead costs in making repair estimates?
  • Do you control the variances between the repair estimate and the actual cost?
  • Do you have a plan to improve productivity and lower labor costs?


  • Do you have the authority and responsibility of your key people defined?
  • What management systems do you have, in place, to measure and control operations?
  • Do you have a plan to achieve cost reductions with targeted objectives?

Financial Planning

  • Do you have flexible budgets?
  • How do you track and control your overhead costs?
  • Do you know how to calculate your breakeven point?
  • Do you track the profitability on a ‘per repair job’ basis?

Performance Standards

  • Do you have performance standards within your shop?
  • Do you use a profit sharing plan with your key personnel to motivate them to be more   productive and profitable?
  • How do you measure the productivity of body and paint technicians?