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Retailers: How We Can Help

As a retail business owner, you need to maximize your profits and minimize your costs.  International Development Services can aid you in producing better financial results by effective implementation of proven methodology in the retail sector, involving overhead control, marketing, retail sales, local advertising, effective discounting, and all issues relating to retail business administration.

International Development Services will establish systems to help you maintain control of your operating expenses, which is a key to reducing costs that directly affect your profits.  To maximize profits, you have to have effective business systems, in place, for your operations.  International Development Services installs business systems for our clients, so that you can be confident of receiving the profits that you deserve. We can provide you with assistance for the following:

Sales and Marketing

  • We will look at everything from top to bottom;
  • We will review whether your advertising is focused on maximizing profit potential;
  • How do you measure advertising effectiveness?
  • Do you have sales policies in written form?
  • Do you have a strategy for targeted selling as well as special sales events?
  • What systems do you have for the daily management of selling activity?

Purchasing; Financial Planning; Financial Management

  • Cash flow: What is the plan and how is it managed?
  • Do you use flexible budget planning?
  • Do you have establishing breakeven levels for the business?
  • How do you control overhead costs?
  • Do you have written pricing policies?
  • How do you integrate buying policies and procedures with inventory control?
  • Inventory management and justification;
  • Have you reviewed your credit and collection procedures within the last year?
  • Minimum mandatory profitability.

Management of Administrative Functions

  • Do you have a manual with all authority and responsibility clearly defined?
  • Organizational relationships – Are these in written form?
  • Written procedures;
  • Do you utilize proven systems for profit-based decision-making?
  • Productivity-based Excess Profit compensation program to drive productivity higher.