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Manufacturers: How We Can Help

International Development Services can give your manufacturing company a complete ‘physical’ and show you how to maximize your profits by use of advanced methods and best practices in the following:  financial planning, administration, modern-day marketing, operation,  production, and maintenance.

From controlling your operating expenses and reducing your costs to improve profitability, International Development Services is here to help.  We can give you the roadmap; you just need to take the time to revise your operations.  You can make it happen with our guidance, because International Development Services implements the necessary systems to assure profits.

Here is a simple self-assessment—just take a few moments to answer the following questions.  If you answer “no,” to any of these questions, give International Development Services the chance to help you improve your business operations in such critical areas as marketing, financial planning, administration, management, production, maintenance techniques, and more.

Modern-Day Marketing Is Required by Today’s Competitive Environment

  • Is your marketing area well defined?
  • Do you break down profitability by accounts, sales representatives, and your product lines?
  • How do you know what distribution channels best?
  • Do you have written sales policies?
  • Do you measure the results of advertising and promotions?
  • Do you coordinate your sales with your production?
  • How can you increase your market share?
  • How do you determine if sales costs are in line with budgets?

Financial Planning

  • Do you have adequate working capital?
  • Have you established outside lines of credit?
  • Do you know your key financial ratios and whether they are in line with the industry?
  • Have you set up budget controls to control costs?
  • Does your financial planning include both short-term and long-term goals?
  • How many weeks out can you forecast your cash flow to ensure liquidity to meet your obligations?


  • Have you defined, in writing, the authority and responsibility of your key personnel?
  • How do you ensure that all functions are efficiently coordinated?
  • Is relevant cost and performance information given to key personnel to improve their accountability?

Management Systems

  • Do you coordinate inventory control with your sales forecasting and production goals?
  • What are your credit and collection policies and are they sound?
  • Do you have office procedures and paperwork, providing for smooth flow and good control?
  • Do you need improvements in warehousing?


  • How long has it been since you reviewed how to improve plant layout, work flow and work scheduling?
  • Do your productivity and material costs need review?
  • Can you improve personnel recruitment, training, and assignment?
  • Do you have dependable manning tables?


  • Do you have a regular maintenance program?
  • How do you know whether your heating and air conditioning costs are too high?
  • Do you check housekeeping costs and performance on a regular basis?
  • Are ‘crisis’ repairs and maintenance costs exceeding your budgeted costs?
  • Are your labor costs for maintenance both monitored and measured?