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Job Shops: How We Can Help

You can manage your job shop with tested business tools that work.  International Development Services can help you become more profitable by helping you employ inventory control strategies, administrative procedures, more effective sales and marketing initiatives, operating controls, performance standards for your employees, and financial planning, so that you can reach both your short-term and long range goals.

International Development Services can assist you in controlling your operating expenses with proven strategies to reduce costs.  If you trim your costs, it is apparent that you will increase your bottom line.  International Development Services puts you in charge with management systems to assure profitable operations.  These management systems include, but are not limited to, the following review and implementation of well established management techniques:

Sales and Marketing

  • Increase  your market share by using targeted lists;
  • Track your marketing methods to reach your sales goals;
  • When was the last time that you measured your advertising results?
  • Do you know what your return is on your advertising costs?

Control of Operations

  • Review work flow and  machine layout to reduce bottlenecks;
  • What are your quality control procedures?
  • How can you reduce labor and inventory costs without affecting work quality?

Financial Planning for Your Future

  • Do you use flexible budgets?
  • Do you know how to improve profitability by using breakeven strategies?
  • When was the last time that you reviewed your overhead costs?
  • Do you have an effective cash flow forecasting system?

Employee Performance Standards

  • Do you use performance standards to motivate shop personnel?
  • Do you have incentive plans for group labor?
  • Do you have incentive plans to reduce spoilage to reduce costs?
  • Do you use excess profit incentives for key personnel?

Inventory Control

  • How do you plan for managing inventory levels for seasonal variations?
  • How do you control costs relating to obsolete and slow-moving items?
  • How do you evaluate space utilization to maximize a more profitable operation?

Administrative Controls

  • Define authority and responsibility for all key personnel;
  • Improve key operational control by installing proven management information systems to measure results;
  • Enhance performance of accounts receivable collections with new procedures and implement a industry leading file tracking system to measure results;
  • Increase efficiency with clearly defined organizational charts for management responsibility.