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Printers: How We Can Help

Printers need to attain the right mix of sales to meet their profit objectives.  Productivity must be driven by the motivation of key employees, but still controlled by the owner.  International Development Services can help you formulate your plan for profitability through helping you improve the following areas of the business:  financial planning, organization, communication, sales, marketing, and standards for operational performance.

If you make the time to change your operations, International Development Services can assist you to control all the major variables in operating expenses, reducing costs to increase the bottom line, while installing management systems to drive profits.  International Development Services will help you enhance the following:

Sales/Marketing Objectives and Performance

  • Market identification;
  • Targeted customer identification;
  • Prequalifying customers;
  • Advertising ROI;
  • Advertising feedback systems to gauge response;
  • Sales objectives—how to plan for sales and monitor activity;
  • Public relations; and
  • Customer follow-up.


  • Clearly define management objectives;
  • Improve efficiency of operations through better organization;
  • Are your operating procedures in writing and well-defined?
  • Productivity-based excess profit employee compensation plan;
  • Decision making directed to maximize profits.

Estimating/Job Costing

  • Are bids based on actual experience for time and labor requirements?
  • Accuracy in estimating material needs;
  • How are current material prices reflected in bids?
  • Do you know your overhead and labor burden rates?
  • Do you know how to accurately calculate profit?
  • Reconcile bid price with recent changes in the market.

Financial Planning And Management

  • Can you predict you future cash flow needs?
  • Do you use flexible budget techniques?
  • How do you figure all of your overhead costs?
  • Do you know your breakeven point?
  • Does everyone in the company follow the pricing policies?
  • Do you calculate profit by job type?

Job Cost Control

  • How do you control spoilage?
  • What is system for purchasing control?
  • Do you have a system for monitoring and controlling material/supplies?
  • Do you have a system for accurate tracking to compare actual costs to estimates?
  • Have you done a recent study to improve workflow by looking at machine layout and operation?
  • What have you done to effectively manage your personnel?

Performance Management

  • Do you have written job descriptions and responsibilities for all your employees?
  • Do you have a manual for all your policies and procedures?
  • Have you examined methods to improve systemic and effective communications?
  • Do engage in ‘best practice’ employee performance review and evaluations?
  • Do you have a system for job progress reviews?


Equipment Repair and Maintenance Procedures

  • Do you have a plan for scheduled preventive maintenance?
  • Do you have effective operator training? How do you judge?
  • Do you keep all necessary maintenance records?
  • Insure operator and managers have assigned maintenance responsibilities.