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3 Ways to Motivate Employees

What ways are you motivating your employees to overachieve? Many of small business owners think that the primary way to motivate employees is using the same ol’ tactics for increasing workplace production they have used before.  First, they look to offer workers more money and incentives. This may have worked in the past, but not everyone is money-oriented, especially among millennials who, research has shown, want a better work-life balance. Second, they show recognition for the hard work of their employees by offering year-end bonuses or awards to give them recognition among their peers. Third, they promote workers from within, which is important for enhancing morale by giving employees the knowledge that hard work can pay off with a promotion. But what happens when these three techniques fail? There are other methods which can be utilized instead. Keeping your employees engaged so they are efficient and productive is one of the important keys to success which will boost the development of your small business.

Avoid Short-Term Motivators at the Expense of Long Term Job Satisfaction

Money, promotions and recognition seem ideal for increasing employee motivation. But in the long-run, salary bumps and promotions won’t mean much if the job is unfulfilling. Your employees will struggle with engagement and eventually may quit for a more promising future at another company. Employee retention should always be at the forefront of your mind, which is why your leaders need to successfully motivate their teams.

Are you running out of alternatives for boosting the office morale in your workplace? You’ll find the following to be essential for small business development.

Give Employees More Control

People like to feel free to create and contribute – it’s in our nature. One of the top downfalls for small business owners is to maintain a work environment which has too much restriction for key employees. When workers feel like they are confined mentally and physically, they don’t perform well. People want the freedom to be more than simply a worker for the business; they want to feel as if they are a member of a team. Why not give your employees more responsibility to make decisions related to their tasks and projects? This will give them a sense of accountability and responsibility, which can help keep them engaged and motivated.

Create a Connected Culture

Do a lot of your employees work in silo? Psychologically, people are social, connected beings. In psychology, connection refers to the desire of being accepted and loved. At work, this revolves around caring for the company and being cared about by others within the business. By creating this type of company culture, you can promote connectivity and help inspire workers to perform better and contribute more to the success of the business.

Enhance Competency of Workers

No one enjoys working in a position where he or she feels incompetent. People excel when they have high self-esteem.  You can offer training to boost employee skills and effectiveness, as well as their overall confidence. Better trained employees are more productive and will excel with higher performance.

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