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Tax Planning Services

What Are Strategic Tax Planning Services?

International Development Services is a premier provider of tax planning services with an emphasis on developing effective strategies in the United States. IDS also represents the owners of small and mid-size businesses in resolving tax collection issues at both the state and federal level in the U.S.

The foundation for our tax planning is centered on our extensive knowledge of the law and it will always be based on legal authority.  IDS does not employ strategies which would be characterized as high-risk, which put our clients at risk.  Rather, all of our planning is done with the recognition that any of our clients may be audited.  We, therefore, engage in sound legal tax planning that recognizes the possible need for complete transparency with the Internal Revenue Service or state taxing authorities.  We call this process, “proactive audit readiness©.”

Our core commitment is to provide you with value by building upon our technical expertise along with outstanding client service.

Our legal staff continues to enhance our technical expertise and legal training with a broad spectrum of training, including but not limited to educational seminars, Continuing Legal Education courses for our attorneys, and interactive assignments where our staff can cross-train with some of the best legal minds working for the owners of small and medium-sized businesses. We take pride in the fact that we have been recognized by other professionals, as well as our own clients, as a premier strategic tax advisory firm for small business owners.

Our clientele is composed of a wide variety of businesses, including both established and newly formed companies and their individual owners, which span the U.S.

Prior to developing a tax plan for our clients, International Development Services’ tax associates perform an in-depth review with the client to evaluate his or her financial and tax situation.  A Project Manager and a tax professional, who often is a practicing tax attorney, conduct an on-site visit to evaluate the goals of the business; how the company is structured as well as analyze the sources of revenue; what tax planning has been done in the past, if any; prior years’ tax returns as well as any direct communications from the IRS or state revenue agencies.

Some Areas Addressed by Tax Professionals of International Development Services

  • Business structure analysis and recommended changes;
  • Income tax planning both at the Federal and state levels;
  • Review business decisions for their tax consequences;
  • Review methodologies for transfer pricing;
  • Matters relating to both sales taxes & use taxes which, if needed, would include representing you;
  • Review of your exposure for special tax assessments;
  • Strategies for maximizing the value for shareholders;
  • Succession planning for family run and closely held corporations;
  • Estate planning for entrepreneurs;
  • Tax avoidance or deferral planning to minimize tax obligations;
  • Employee retention planning utilizing recognized tax strategies;
  • Review of employee benefits and future planning;
  • Strategies for asset protection;
  • Review of retirement plans;
  • Review of overall tax issues and assistance for any submissions;
  • Insurance structuring and sufficiency;
  • Representation for arbitration hearings and for negotiations;
  • Planning and structuring for expansion into international markets;
  • Creating the right structure for purchase or sale of business to minimize taxes;
  • Assistance in the implementation of our tax recommendations
  • Structuring acquisitions or mergers to take advantage of tax benefits;
  • Representation in S. audit and tax controversies;
  • Tax defense advisory services and representation in the United States.

International Development Services is highly experienced in offering tax defense services to clients who need representation for issues before the IRS or state agencies. IDS can help with a variety of tax matters, including tax liens, delinquent payroll tax, and interest and wage garnishment. IDS can offer a variety of options such as agreements for installment payments, abatements for penalties by the Internal Revenue Service, payroll taxes, offers in compromise, an innocent spouse solution and resolutions to cases that are considered ‘currently not collectible’ by the taxing agencies, and all matters on appeal.