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International Development Services Video Reviews

The clients from this family business were “at our wits’ end, working harder, longer,” but a visit from an International Development Services salesperson introduced them to our consulting services and provided the knowledge to build a great management team, realizing that “you can’t do it alone” as well as the “tools to pursue new ventures, new business, and new ideas.”


Spotwelding Consultants is a supplier of resistence welding equipment and spotwelding supplies to a variety of industries. Resistence welders use electrical current to form the bond between two metal surfaces.


Charles Williams and his partner engaged our legal team to develop an asset protection strategy to ensure that nobody could take away what they had built so that the business could be passed on to their children as part of their legacy.


International Development Services Reviews

“Managing people in such a diverse environment creates many challenges, and staying committed to goals requires confidence.  Your consultant offered the right support and feedback, so that I could become a better leader for this organization. 

The time spent, the lessons taught, the accomplishments reached, and the inspiration to grow and succeed can not measured in words.”   President, Oil Equipment Firm


“Besides all of the great tools such as the financial program and accountability tool that our consultant has put in place, he has been instrumental in helping me, as an individual owner, bring others in agreement with my vision and ideas for the company.  The most unexpected lesson that I can take away from his time here is what I learned watching him take totally resistant-to-change individuals and obtain the productivity and direction that he wanted from them, but, more importantly, convince them to buy-in and be excited about what he wanted them to do.”    Co-owner, Wholesale Office Supplier


“Having your company here helping organize and structure my company the way it needed to be has been a true life saver.  I do not know how much longer I could have run my company the way that I was going.  The vision that your team brought has been very valuable and most beneficial to our success.

 I just want to say that this experience has been one that has truly opened my eyes and made my life and my health so much better.  I would sincerely recommend your services to anyone who has even the slightest concern on whether, or not, their company is the best that it can be!”   President, Residential Construction Company


“More than just a consultant, he has become a company advocate, a true asset, and a valued part of the team.  His presence will be missed.  He has equipped us, however, with awesome tools that we will utilize going forward, helped re-assert a team atmosphere, and reminded us of our capabilities.”   Vice President, Modular Construction Firm


“Our consultant has given us many new systems, which, while somewhat difficult to incorporate after so many years of the ‘same old, same old,’ will give us a better handle on how our company operates.  We now have tools to change the way we do business, how we market our company, how we can plan for future growth and how we can be better for our employees.  I am the second generation at our company, and after 44 years (myself having been here for 30 years), I realize how little I know about how to run a business.  While I find it hard after these many years to understand how I must change in running this company, he has given us a new way of looking at things.  In my lifetime, I have met few men better than him.”   President, Metal Fabrication Business


“The amount of effort and time that your consultant put into seeking problem areas was amazing.  One of the most important things that he taught us was to listen, generously.  Everyone has ideas and they should all be received the same way.  When people feel that they are apart of something, production will increase.  When our issues were presented to us, it became a simple decision—sink or float!  The passion that he shows is extremely contagious and he will tell you the way it is.

Organization, communication and structure are the backbone to a business and your consultant was the perfect example of all of the above.  His way of sharing the information that he provides is direct.  Not breaking people down, but building people up.  This was one of those experiences that you will carry for the rest of your life.  It is not having the information.  It’s what you do with it!”   Manager, Retail Establishment


“The key to a successful transition is, of course, how well we’ve learned and how well we execute against those lessons.  Our consultant’s reassurance that I can lead this ‘charge’ has bolstered my self-esteem and confidence.  It has helped tremendously to have an ear to listen, sage insights offered, and—always—encouragement.  All in all, he’s been a positive force for all of us and especially me.”   President, Manufacturing Firm


“I feel like I have received an MBA in 3 months.  Our consultant has shown me how to measure and control virtually every aspect of our business.  He has also helped me to bring strong new people into the organization and to give everyone more accountability.  Plus, he achieved respect from all of my employees and has been able to communicate at all levels.  When he started, we were experiencing declining sales from our primary customer.  With his help, that customer has given us the biggest orders ever and we have had one of the best months in recent history.”   President and Owner, Machine Shop


“Our initial success was built on charisma, passion, vision and dedication to greatness, qualities that have made our company second to none in our industry.  We possess the foundation for greatness.  We, however, experienced tremendous growth and did not have the infrastructure, practices or knowledge to maintain our success.

The consulting engagement was an overhaul.  Though, we as a company are blessed with great talent and great minds, as an organization, we lacked commitment and continuity.  Additionally, we were not equipped, in terms of personnel or basic business management tools to be effective and successful. 

Immediate changes were made.  Among the most notable improvements, that our consultant implemented, were sophisticated tools for cash management, break even analysis, job costing, labor burden and, most valuable, pay for performance.  He kept a cool head, provided honest advice and maintained fairness. 

On a personal level, this has been a great learning experience.  As a green executive, I now have new skills as a manager to assist my company in future success.”   Chief Operating Officer, Retail Company


“It is rare that I meet someone who is so competent in the area of business development and restructuring as our consultant is and has been for us.  His knowledge, wisdom, intuitiveness, and experience have been very valuable for me.  He has helped me restructure my businesses by giving me advice in how to develop goals and, more importantly, he has given me a new vision as to where I should be directing my efforts in making my business profitable, once again.”   Owner, Electrical Supplier


“We are very pleased with our consultant’s overall performance.  She is very knowledgeable in all aspects of business and the tools, which she has given us, will change our business, permanently.  We have a brand new outlook on this business and we truly believe that we can survive and thrive in this market.”   Owner, Electrical Supply Firm

“I can’t say it’s been all fun and games, but I can say that I have learned more over these weeks than I ever thought possible.  Your consultant came into our business and went right to work.  It was obvious that he knew exactly what he was doing and the issues that needed to be addressed.  He had an amazing way of bypassing the family drama and focusing on the underlying problems.”   Co-owner, Construction Contractor


“I would like to express my sincere appreciation and satisfaction of the completed project.  Your company reached out to us to begin this project at a very critical time.  Your consultants were able to quickly understand the objectives and priorities and make positive, quality contributions to the company as a whole.  By example and training of communication and leadership skills, they created a highly functional team, who accomplished a tremendous amount of work in a short period of time. 

They acted as mentors to me as well as consultants.  Their experience and expertise guided me through this project with confidence, ease and, most of all, without judgment.  Overall, they were both a major contributor to the success of the project.  For that, I’m forever grateful.  The project has and will continue to have a large positive impact on our company, both financially and functionally.

Our company has been extremely pleased with the resources provided by your company.”   President, Manufacturer


“Over the past two years, our company has enjoyed a period of rapid growth.  With a brisk increase in sales and market share, however, came new challenges.  Increase work volume required more employees.  Added projects called for more equipment.  Expanding activity demanded improved management systems.  We soon realized that we did not have all the tools that we needed to make prudent decisions.

When our consultant arrived on the scene, it did not take long for us to see that he was more than equipped to advise, counsel and steer us in a direction that would ensure a solid future.  His expertise has led us to look at opportunities and resources in fresh, new ways.  As the tools that he has provided are being implemented, we are already having considerable improvement in our processes and a clearer vision for our future is emerging.”   President, Construction Firm


“Although change has been an issue for me, I’m pleased with the outcome and the practicality of why and how the new changes will benefit, not only myself, but the company as a whole.

In general, I have complete faith that with an ongoing relationship with you, the company that we currently have can be altered from what has become a stagnate business to a prosperous one and a real competitor in our industry.  The knowledge and learning provided for me has been greatly appreciated and needed for the confidence to head in a new direction.”   Operations Manager, Recycling Industry Company