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Business Consulting Services

International Development Services was established by professionals who are committed to the highest quality possible in delivering business services for consulting, business analysis and tax planning for strategic purposes, designed exclusively for the needs of the owners of small to mid-size businesses.

Clients benefit from our extensive knowledge and experience possessed by our senior business analysts. Our analysts provide our analytical services to about a 100 businesses every year. There is no group of business analysts in any company in the United States or Canada who can equal the experience our analysts have in the entrepreneurial marketplace.  We are simply the best at what we do.  And, that is also true for our large staff of management consultants and tax professionals.

Our services include:

Consulting and Business Analysis
Our group of business analysts thoroughly review the business operations for our clients to identify the short-comings while making recommendations for operational and financial improvements.  Our consultants implement the recommendations made by our business analysts to provide the owners of small and mid-size businesses the means by which they can be in better control of their business operations and, ultimately, their own destiny.

Strategic Tax Planning
Our highly trained and experienced attorneys provide our clients strategic tax planning for both their corporate and personal needs.  Our tax strategies are well-founded and proven in the real world of business. We have a successful track record with other business owners that you can rely on.  And, we will defend our work. Each recommendation focuses on the unique situation of the business owner as our client.

Business Valuation
Our group of legal and accounting professionals are capable of providing any needed accounting and compliance services you may need.  We have a staff which includes NACVA and ASA certified individuals who prepare the business valuations for our clients as well as Business Value Mapping.

Exit Strategy Planning
The professionals can also provide a comprehensive  plan for wealth management.  This plan includes a large number of product solutions which include independent, non-proprietary options which are designed to meet the unique investment challenges of each client.  We can review a wide-range of issues relating to the estate for each of our clients as well as engage in succession planning for the business owner.  Moreover, we have all the professional expertise needed to meet any of the retirement objectives of our clients.

Our experienced staff of professionals are always available to assist in addressing the legal and non-legal issues relating to the implementation of our recommended tax-related strategies, if and when, the client wants to utilize our professional services.