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Exit Strategy

What is an Exit Strategy and What is International Development Services’ Role?

An exit strategy means different things to different people.  It’s only limited by what you want and what you can imagine.

It may mean the sale of the business or converting the company into an ESOP, or it may even entail an IPO for investors.

It may be an interim transition strategy to establish new markets for products or expand services.  It may mean repositioning the business within another industry.  It may mean divesting the company of businesses that no longer represent the core of the business.  It may mean a change in the management, without a change in ownership, as a principal shareholder moves into retirement.

Without a doubt, exit strategies involve a departure from your current state of affairs to something entirely different.  It is an evolutionary process in the lifecycle of your business and your personal goals, which will enhance the quality of your life, while securing your future, financially.

There are many similarities to creating an exit strategy and building your dream house.  You have the ideas and an image in your head of what you want your house to look like.

How to begin?  Would you call together the carpenter, bricklayer, painter, interior decorator, electrician, roofer, plumber, HVAC contractor, landscaper, and say, “Build my dream home?” Not a chance.  For the trades to be efficient, each one needs a ‘blueprint,’ which specifies what they will do in constructing your dream home.  Then, each trade will want to know what is required of them, and on what date that they must be prepared to provide their services.

Who do you think will provide this blueprint?  The architect, right?  Yes, the architect is the one who has extensive knowledge of all the trades, the regulations and building code requirements that must be met in order to finish the project.  Without the architect, building your dream home is not likely to happen.  Let International Development Services be the architect of your exit strategy.