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Restaurants: How We Can Help

As the owner of a restaurant, you need to set up the methods, systems and controls to make certain that your profits are not ‘eaten up’ by mismanagement.  International Development Services can help you enhance your menu to increase profitability by improving the following:  systems for cost control, including portion control, especially for restaurants serving liquor; overall operations, financial planning, marketing, advertising, and labor costs.

Cost Control Specifics

  • Per plate costs for food and liquor portion control;
  • Measuring the profitability of every item on the menu;
  • Do you know how to correctly calculate your overhead costs and apportion those costs to products served?
  • Register system theft controls.


  • Review of the design of the facility with the operating procedures to improve efficiency;
  • What systems are in place to peg inventory control with expected sales?
  • Do you measure table turns? If so, what do you do with the information?
  • Do you use performance standard to motivate your employees?


  • Target marketing strategy for surrounding area;
  • Effective use of mailers for your market area; and
  • How to use innovative selling techniques to improve check averages.


  • Evaluation of advertising design to capture the customer’s attention;
  • How do you measure your return on advertising expenditures?
  • What criteria do you use to select different advertising media?

Financial Planning

  • Do you use flexible budgets to control costs?
  • Do you know how to determine breakeven levels?
  • How do you forecast your cash flow needs?
  • Are you managing information to measure and control both finances and operations?


  • Have you defined both the authority and responsibility of key people?
  • Are you using a gain-sharing plan to give key employees a piece of the action?
  • Have you developed a written plan for future growth?