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Finding Business Freedom

Finding Business Freedom Business ConsultingWhen asked the question, “Why did you start your business?” business owners often reply, “I wanted to be my own boss.” These business owners also saw an opening to offer something new or improved, whether it was offering a better service or providing a higher quality product. They recognized an opportunity to do offer greater value than their previous employers. They seized the chance to find freedom in business success, not knowing about the true freedom a business owner can have through implementing systems to run a business.

The Shackles of a System-Less Business

Are you working ‘on your business’ or ‘in your business?’ The business consultants at International Development Services, frequently, discover owners of small companies who believe they are working on their business, when they are really working in their business. They are shackled to the day-to-day operations of their business without the free time to expand their business.

The owner of a small company may spend hours directing employees to perform specific tasks, because those employees lack pre-defined job roles. An owner may take another hour out of the day to manually distribute sales leads to sales people, due to not having an automated CRM system to manage leads. Writing estimates or bids for leads that close may then take several hours. That owner may spend even more time on the phone ordering job supplies that should have been stocked at the company’s warehouse weeks ago.

In the example above, this business owner has spent the entire day working in the business, addressing various problems and issues, but this business owner has not spent any time working on the business. In fact, this business owner is unable to spend time working on growing the business, expanding the business, or improving the business.

The freedom that this entrepreneur dreamt of, when first starting this small business, remains just an elusive dream.

Freedom In Systems

At first glance, the word ‘system’ does not seem to have much in common with the word ‘freedom.’ System seems to suggest bureaucracy, structure and rules. System implies a set methodology for doing anything and everything in a business. System appears to involve dogmatic obedience. How could a business system ever be the equivalent to freedom?

When implemented by experienced business consultants and backed by professional business analysis, business systems actually enable freedom by providing structure. Employees now have the freedom to perform their jobs, without constant oversight, because they have clearly defined roles. Business owners have freedom to grow and expand their business because they know that they have the systems in place to handle the day-to-day operation of their business without their physical presence being required. There is also a huge improvement in work/life balance. A normal 40 hour work week, with a couple days off, becomes possible. Vacations, now, can be taken. Spending time with family and friends, can, finally, happen.

How International Development Services Helps 

International Development Services has a team of highly skilled professionals who will analyze your business and identify areas where your business could benefit from systems. Our consultants will then help you develop those systems to improve the efficiency and profitability of your business as well as provide the freedom to really enjoy your success!

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