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3 ‘Bad Boss’ Types to Avoid


Bad bosses are everywhere – likely, you’ve had your fair share before you decided to become your own boss. As an entrepreneur, it’s important to ensure your workplace employs the best leaders possible. This means screening and auditing your management teams for toxic behaviors. You want managers that will boost employee morale and act as guides throughout projects. Business consulting services can be utilized to determine if your workplace has efficient leaders. IDS is a firm that offers business valuation services, and can assist with strategy and business development. Its experts perform a full-company analysis to determine the best processes and systems to integrate for improved productivity.

Second City, recently performed a survey, which featured a group of full-time employees from North America. The purpose of the survey was to identify habits that they associated with great leaders and loathsome supervisors. There were a variety of answers, but there was one thing many of them had in common – deficient leaders didn’t have the respect of their employees. Almost 60 percent of those surveyed called their loathsome bosses an idiot.

Dealing with horrible bosses is a choice that many top performers exercise. If you want to retain your best talent, then you need to ensure your bosses aren’t causing them to quit. It’s up to you to identify poor performing leaders, and then either retrain and groom them or eliminate them. Consider hiring business consulting services to help with trimming down your management teams.

The following are three bad boss archetypes to avoid:

The Credit Stealer

These bosses like to take credit for the outcome generated by their team members. All the leader does is breathe down workers’ necks and then claim the project once it’s completed.

The Apparition

This is the type of boss no one really sees. He or she makes occasional appearances in between personal errands and lunch meetings. They don’t spend much time in the office, making it difficult for team members to reach out to them. Like an apparition, these bosses are hard to keep up with, let alone catch.

The Sharp Shooter

Great leaders are interested in developing their employees, so they nurture their creativity and invest in their success. The sharp shooters are the opposite – they are always shooting down ideas and handing out their own. They are resistant to any changes that don’t stem from their own ideas.

Business consulting services can be very useful for identifying problem areas in your organization. Consider hiring an expert to have a look at your organization.

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