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3 Reasons Why Top Employees Leave

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Knowing how to keep top employees satisfied is difficult even for the seasoned manager. You may have workers who are highly motivated, love their work, get along well with coworkers, and receive great company benefits and top pay. However, this isn’t always enough to retain high-performing employees. The business consulting services provided by IDS can be utilized to assess your entire organization for employee efficiency and productivity. The proper processes and systems can then be put in place to boost these two areas.

In a poll conducted in October 2015 by Gallup, 93 percent of respondents who left their employer for another position did so to switch roles. Numbers like this leave many employers wondering why so many workers are leaving.  Employees are going to new companies even though they are being treated well at their former place of employment. Employee retention is no longer about ensuring workers are happy with their present, it’s also about ensuring they’re satisfied with the future.

The following are the top reasons why employees end up resigning.

Employers Aren’t Defining their Career Path

According to a 2015 report from LinkedIn, 59 percent of respondents admitted to changing jobs due to finding better opportunities and a more defined career path. Fifty-four percent of respondents left their employers for higher compensation.

Many employees want to know they are on a path to future success. This doesn’t just mean more raises and bonuses. They want to obtain roles in higher positions with more responsibility and importance. If your company isn’t showing them the path to achieve this, then they are more likely to go elsewhere.

Everyone has career goals and expectations. Be pro-active by engaging in one-on-one dialogues with your key employees to discuss what their aspirations are and how your company can help them achieve their goals.

Business consulting services can be employed to define the roles of all employees and create a system that organizes how workers move up the company chain.

Employee Success Not Connected to Company’s Success Presents Problems

Everyone wants to feel like their hard work is paying off. Employees want to know their performance is positively impacting their company. There is a better way than simply paying employees based on their personal performance.  Highly successful companies often tie compensation to both individual performance and the overall success of the organization. Offering stock options or shares of profits rewards them in a unique way. It will help build strong intra-company relationships that will boost productivity and provide greater accountability.

Promotions Aren’t Given from Within

Nearly 4,000 talent acquisition professionals were surveyed in the Global Recruiting Trends 2016 report from LinkedIn. Of that number, 32 percent said employee retention was a top priority. However, internal hires are only a top priority for 12 percent of respondents. It’s no surprise why employees of these companies end up leaving for organizations that value their contribution to promote from within.

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