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Mitigating Customers’ Fears After a Data Breach

As an elite consulting agency International Development Services also offers expert advice and helpful recommendations when problematic or worrisome situations arise, such as data breach and fraudulent activity. As experienced advisers, they know how to guide you toward the right contacts in order to get your business back on track and avert future crises. In a worst case scenario, a hacker infiltrates your systems and steals the financial information of more than half of your customers. What do you do immediately after? If you don’t have a game plan established for these situations, then it’s very likely that you don’t have one for calming the nerves of your data breached customers. Keeping issues like this from arising can be close to impossible without a pair of knowledgeable eyes on the lookout. This is why a lot of organizations are smartening up and hiring certified fraud examiners.

International Development Services offers expert recommendations for fraud prevention

International Development Services offers expert recommendations for fraud prevention

Data Breaches Sometimes Come from Within

One too many businesses are blindsided by their own employees, who take it upon themselves to steal valuable information from their employer. Keeping a close eye on workers isn’t always possible, even in small to mid-sized businesses. Rather than focusing on attacks coming from an outside source, it’s important to also keep an inward watch. Certified fraud examiners are savvy about finding data breaches created by employees, and even contractors.

Most Organizations Aren’t Prepared for the Aftermath

According to a Ponemon Institute study, many companies are unprepared to deal with the consequences following a breach. This is surprising, given the fact that these companies are well aware of the potential risks of breaches happening within their own establishments. Not having a strategy in place to handle breaches can sever important ties with customers. It can also tarnish a company’s reputation.

Addressing Customer’s Concerns

Following a data breach, customers who are victims will want reassurance from the company responsible. It’s imperative that you’re prepared to answer certain questions like:

  1. Is it likely that I will be a victim of fraud next?
  2. What happened to my data?
  3. Is it possible for this to happen again?

There may be other questions asked, but these are the top fears most victims of data breaches have, and putting them to rest should be a top priority. It’s very important for you to act quickly and understand that each affected customer is a potential customer lost. The important thing to remember is that the incident isn’t always what causes customers to leave a data breached company, it’s how the company manages the fallout. While most businesses will eventually experience bumps along their journey to success, under the watchful eye of IDS and their experienced consultants, your business will receive invaluable guidance when it comes to foreseeing, avoiding, and remedying these potentially damaging issues.

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