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Cost Effective Ways to Keep Your Employees Content


One of the most effective ways to improve both office morale and efficiency is to keep employees happy. It is a fact that when workers are content, they are more focused and will perform better. Randstad, a staffing firm, released a study that indicates that there is a presence of disconnect between what employees are expecting and what employers are providing. Employees point to the desire for promotions, bonuses for high performance and flexible work arrangements. However, most employers aren’t providing these perks to their workers. Business consulting services at International Development Services can be utilized to pinpoint problem areas within the workplace and help to create a better balance. Studies show that only 23 percent of surveyed employees worked for companies who offered promotions to their top performers. And only 37 percent of people surveyed were allowed flexible working arrangements. Keeping your employees happy means much more than just being nice. Discontent workers can have a negative impact on your organization’s bottom line. Studies show that companies that have a high level of employee engagement witnessed a 22 percent higher level of productivity. It’s a given that committed workers are more invested in their companies. They are devoted to not only their own personal achievements, but to the organization’s overall mission. Aligning your workers with your mission can be accomplished with the help of experts from International Development Services.


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Here are a few things you can do in order to promote contentment within your workplace:

Create a work-life balance. Make sure your employee’s time away from the desk is truly their own. Today, it’s common for employees to bring their work home. Constant connectivity doesn’t necessarily mean increased productivity. Only 2 in 5 employees feel that blurring these lines increases their productivity.

Hire employees based on whether or not they are the right cultural fit. During interviews, try asking less conventional questions and start focusing on finding out if a candidate would mesh well with your organization.

Offer training and development programs to employees. Your best workers are looking to continue their learning, so that they can grow within your organization. Feed this desire by implementing programs that can enhance their skillset.

Provide a defined career path for your employees. It’s important to foster professional growth and offer new challenges that will keep employees stimulated within their positions. Let them know that they are valued, and are an important part of the business’s long-term plans.

When your organization has happy employees, your retention rate soars. Every business needs a team of loyal and productive workers in order to be successful. International Development Services has helped many businesses in various industries implement strategies that boost both office morale and employee productivity.

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