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Skills Your Management Team Should Possess


In order for a business to excel, it requires a team of leaders who are effective at thinking strategically and implementing change where needed. Unfortunately, many businesses that International Development Services has worked with aren’t equipped with great leadership. With business consulting services, your business’s leaders can be evaluated and trained to ensure they have planning skills and strategic thinking.

A strong leadership team is essential for your business' success

A strong leadership team is essential for your business’ success

Strategic thinking isn’t a skill that is developed in the world of business. Instead, it is has to be purposely practiced and actively cultivated. A framework for creating leaders with strategic skills is a must. This framework consists of six key elements:

  1. The ability to anticipate: Leaders shouldn’t have their focus solely on what is directly ahead. They should also be able to anticipate possible future disturbances. This is done by searching for paradigm-shifting data and reaching beyond their current borders and networks to examine the horizon. International Development Services has helped numerous businesses with this factor.
  2. The ability to challenge: When faced with a challenge strong leaders should be able to push through disruptions, even if it means going outside of their comfort zone. These leaders also frequently challenge the old way of doing things, in search of new and improved methods that can improve your business’s efficiency.
  3. The ability to interpret: When a leader is able to anticipate a change and challenge the methods used to address it, valuable figures and facts are revealed that must be interpreted in order to yield actionable results. This data must be compared and contrasted unconventionally and various hypotheses must be tested before a conclusion can be reached.
  4. The ability to decide: Process and discipline are key components for making timely decisions and avoiding missed opportunities due to indecisive behavior. Even when there is incomplete information, a strategic leader is able to frame a decision and approach.
  5. The ability to align: A great leader should be able to align divergent agendas that resonate with a common goal, and at the same time accept diversity. Open dialogue with stakeholders should be encouraged, and when there are misalignments, they should be addressed. This aids in building trust and allows a consensus to be reached.
  6. The ability to learn: Being open to learning is important for a leader to succeed. This can be through interactions in the workplace, experimentation or via after-action debriefs and ongoing check-in points, which can pinpoint indicators of success and failure. Continuous learning can improve a leader’s performance and ability to make sound decisions when provided with valuable insights. Business consulting from International Development Services can be utilized to assess the potential of your leaders.

Having leaders with the above qualities is key for the long-term success of a business. Now is always the best time to have them evaluated.

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